Custom imports

We deliver stone from the Czech Republic and worldwide locations according to your project and your preferences. We personally visit the quarries and select the highest quality materials.


We process imported stone on CNC machines using dia tools or waterjet technology.

Stone laying

We provide laying of stone tiles, incorporation, and processing of metallurgical elements into the architectural design of motifs.


We use various technologies such as steam cleaning, crystallization or application of impregnations and polytures to restore or finish the work.


Custom imports

As well as stone, ceramic tiles can be delivered to you from worldwide countries or the Czech Republic locations.

Processing and laying

The selected ceramic material is processed by experienced workers using the best building chemicals.

Large format paving

We have experience with realization of large format tiling up to 3000 x 1000 mm.

Other services

Work during full operation

We deliver work during full operation of the shopping center, where every day all the operation of all units (night work) is maintained.


We supply and assemble stone and ceramics facades on anchors or grids.

Refubishing | reconstruction

We have experience in reconstruction of shopping centers. We provide refurbishing of tiles from natural materials.

Decorative elements

We supply and install decorative elements made of brass, stainless steel or aluminum into your tiles.

Concrete | insulation | certification

If the project requires it, we can supply concrete screeds, wire-reinforced concrete or waterproofing, impact insulation and separating foils. We create non-dilatation units, anti-slip steps and we have the materials tested – measurement of sliding friction coefficient.

Consultation | documentation

We provide expert consultations on the project and proces production drawing documentation.